The KNX USB interface ITR900-4000 provides a galvanic isolated bi-directional connection to the bus system via KNX TP and USB. Network configurations become less time-consuming. The device is supplied by both the KNX TP line and USB. No additional external power supply is necessary. ITR900-4000 establishes access to all bus devices connected to feature:

- Commissioning

- Addressing

- Setting parameters

- Visualization

- Diagnostic operations

- Protocol

ITR900-4000 supports the USB suspend mode. Communication protocol used for communication between interface and host is the flexible cEMI (Common External Message Interface) protocol. The connection between KNX and a PC with standard software (like ETS, EITT; also in Raw Frame operating mode) or other software is handled by the FALCON driver. Long messages (up to 220 byte APDU length) are sup-ported and easy software handling also under operating systems not sup-ported by the FALCON driver (e.g.: Linux) is ensured.

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