Basic functionality of the TP line coupler ITR900-3000 is coupling two KNX TP lines (main line and subline) providing galvanic isolation in between. Due to its flexibility ITR900-3000 coupler unit can be used as KNX line cou-pler o r KNX area coupler (to connect a TP line to a TP area or backbone) or KNX repeater (without filtering). Operational and filtering states, malfunc-tion and faulty communication are indicated by LEDs. ITR900-3000 is able to filter the traffic according to the installation place in the bus system hierarchy and according to the built-in filter tables for group oriented communication. ITR900-3000 supports long messages (up to 240 byte APDU length) and features, for commissioning/troubleshooting, a configurable “Manual Function” with single button press activation and automatic switch-off to temporarily deactivate filtering. Available functions are:

- Suppress device configuration from the subline

- Suppress device oriented telegrams

- Trace the subline traffic

- Enable/disable filtering of Group telegrams or Physical telegrams

- Reduced number of retransmissions option available

- Diagnostic functions.

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